About Jack

My name is Sandra and I run this website for my Son Jack, he is my whole world and I have set this up to get him the help he needs. Jack has a Glioblastoma Tumour, please click the link below to go the web page that explains exactly what it is and how it effects people.

Jack is 35 years old and a family man, his daughter Ellie is 10 and partner Mel is 29, they are a very young and close loving family. The thought of him not being around to watch his daughter grow up, get married and have children is to unbearable to put into words! As a mother and very maternal, I can see it everyday in his eyes, the pain, the anticipation, the heartache and the fear of the unknown.

In May 2012 jack had a large seizure and was rushed to hospital where he was examined and deemed fit to go home. He got up to go and had another massive seizure they then did tests and discovered he had a very large mass on his brain. It was a large tumour-called a glioma. He had an awake craniotomy and was told it was benign and would not need further treatment.

He lived quite normally until October 2014 when a routine MRI scan showed it was growing back again so in Feb 2015, he went through another awake craniotomy and was told after that it had turned into a grade 4 glioblastoma which is a very aggressive form of tumour. Jack was given chemo and radiotherapy and remained stable up until may this year 2017 when he was told that it was on the move again and that it was now inoperable. They offered him more chemo but radiotherapy is not an option as he’s already had it. He refused chemo. I took him to a top neurosurgeon in London in September and this man said how well jack looked and that in his opinion he should take the chemo as he thought it would work to maybe slow it if taken over a year, jack decided to take the chemo for 5 days a month for a year.

As we’re not good at “giving in” and never will be, jack decided to look around to see what other treatments could help and found that dendritic cell therapy is quite good. It doesn’t work in everyone but it is 40% positive at shrinking the tumours so we thought ok, we’ll give it a try.

Unfortunately, it’s not free so we decided to do some fundraising and we’re going from strength to strength. We’ve raised almost £40,000 since early July and have been given 80 wedding gowns, veils, tiaras and shoes to sell to raise the funds. What a wonderful thing for anyone to do. So, we decided to sell them at greatly reduced prices so that we can give the brides a bargain whilst making money for Jack’s fundraiser at the same time. NOT EASY! My wonderful neighbors have loaned me a unit to put all the gowns and things on display but unfortunately, it’s not where people walk past so not many know were there. So, we’re now looking at other ways to publicize them.