Off to Germany today...

We will add a write up once we know more..

Treatment received!

3 days of treatment. We need to go back now every 3 weeks for 3 days treatments but it’s €12,000 every time. We have the funds for the March 14 treatment but then have to get fundraising again . It’s an awful lot of money but I’m gonna do my very best to raise this money whichever way I can so any donations would be extremely gratefully received. Ongoing treatment is set at 3 days every 3 weeks and will cost around £10,500 each time.

Another 8 days of treatment in Germany

Feb 13 for yet another 8 days treatment. Cost was £15,280

8 more days of treatment in Germany

We returned on Jan 4th for 8 days treatments. Cost was £16,127

4 Days of treatment In Germany

Jack had the 4 days treatment and we came home on 23 Dec in time for Xmas. Cost was £3,157

Consultation in Germany

On Dec 12th we went to Germany for a consultation with Dr Van Goole at his clinic in cologne. They give a treatment called Dendritic Cell therapy which is immunotherapy and can help to halt the growth of the tumour. However it’s very expensive and so we have to do lots of fundraising to be able to give jack the chance to see his beautiful daughter grow up. Cost was £3,192

Scans showing the cancer growing again!

After having another scan we were told that it’s now not operable and they can only offer chemo. No physio actually nothing.  And so we looked for other options.

Another operation to remove the tumour.
Jack had his tumour removed again by another awake craniotomy on Feb 25 2015 followed by chemo and radiotherapy. He was told that it was now a grade 4. The worst you can get and to go home and sort his affairs out and make some memories, the worst day of our lives. But we’re not a family that give up and jack fought back to health and got the use of his arm back.  He had stable scans up until May 2017.
Scans showing bad news!

October 2014 when his scan showed some changing cells. He was losing the use of his left arm, Bad news! They don’t tell you that they nearly always come back as aggressive.

All Clear.
It was removed on Wednesday 13 JUNE whilst he was awake and found to be a grade 2 non malignant glioma. No more treatment necessary we were told. Great. But sadly not the end of the story. Jack continued to have scans every 6 months and was all clear till October 2014.
First diagnosed

On May 28 2012 our lives changed forever when my son jack suffered a large-epileptic seizure at his home. After being admitted to hospital he suffered another one even bigger and was sent for a scan. The scan showed a large mass in his left frontal lobe. We hoped it would be fluid but alas not it was a brain tumour.